1555.1 – Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty for the treatment of patients with Class I and II obesity who have failed first line (lifestyle modification) and second line (pharmacotherapy) treatments

Page last updated: 05 April 2022

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Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is a bariatric surgical procedure. ESG is an incisionless transoral endoscopic procedure that uses a full-thickness endoscopic suturing system to reduce the stomach volume into a tubular gastric cavity. The gastroplasty is created using an endoscopic suturing device fitted to an endoscope. The ESG procedure restricts the length of a stomach by up to 50% and reduces its volume by 75%. This reduction in stomach size will restrict the quantity of food a person can eat as well as initiate physiologic alterations that assist in weight loss and maintenance of weight loss.

Description of Medical Condition

Obesity refers to excess body weight. Obesity can be measured using the body mass index (BMI). Class I obesity refers to patients who have a BMI 30 ≤35kg/mē. Class II obesity refers to patients who have a BMI 35 ≥40 kg/mē. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of variety of significant comorbidities which may include diabetes, cardiovascular disease and liver disease which may have a significant impact on quality of life

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