Documents for Applicants and Assessment Groups

Page last updated: 05 October 2021

The information provided in the MSAC Guidelines is intended to inform the creation of:

  • an application form for consideration of a medical service/technology by MSAC
  • a PICO confirmation for a medical service/ technology considered by PASC
  • an applicant developed assessment report (ADAR)
  • a department contracted assessment report (DCAR)
  • a commentary on an ADAR.

The appropriate formats for presentation of these documents is provided in the templates below.

For more information on the MSAC Guidelines, and the MSAC Guidelines Review, please see the MSAC Guidelines webpage.

For more information on the MSAC process, please see the MSAC Process webpage.

You can download the full MSAC Guidelines below.

Guidelines for preparing assessments for MSAC (PDF 13435 KB)
Guidelines for preparing assessments for MSAC (Word 9802 KB)

If applicants and assessment groups have commenced completing documents using earlier versions of the Guidelines and Templates, please see the Superseded applicant documents webpage and Superseded assessment group documents webpage. Details about the transition period between using the old and new Guidelines and Templates can also be found in these webpages.

MSAC Application Form - for Applicants

An Application Form should be lodged for all requests for public funding, regardless if funding is being sought under the MBS or an alternative funding program/arrangement. Applications can be made by the medical profession, medical industry and others seeking Australian Government funding for a new medical service (or change to an existing service).  

For MBS-related applications, please obtain a ‘Statement of Clinical Relevance’ from the most relevant professional medical college/society, where they succinctly state their ‘in-principle’ support for the proposed service.

The Statement of Clinical Relevance can be in the form of a simple email, from an authorised officer in the most relevant professional college/society. The email should succinctly state they support commencement of a process towards MSAC/Government consideration of a particular application. Specifically, whether the proposed service is regarded as being ‘clinically relevant’ by that sector of the Australian medical profession (i.e. is the proposed service [be it a test or treatment] regarded by the profession as being 'necessary' in the management of the medical condition.

MSAC Application Form v2.4 (PDF 308 KB)
MSAC Application Form v2.4 (Word 88 KB)

In addition to the MSAC Guidelines, the Application Form Instructions can help inform and complete the Application Form.

MSAC Application Form Instructions (PDF 494 KB)
MSAC Application Form Instructions (Word 127 KB)

Please note, completing an Application Form does not guarantee an application will continue through the MSAC process. Once submitted, an Application Form, undergoes internal assessment by the Department to determine if it is suitable to progress through the MSAC process and, if so, which pathway it will follow.

PICO Confirmation Template - for HTA Groups

The PICO Confirmation Template contains guidance for the development of a PICO confirmation. Additional guidance for the completion of this document can be found in Section 1, TG 2 – PICO, of the MSAC Guidelines.

PICO Confirmation Template (PDF 494 KB)
PICO Confirmation Template (Word 127 KB)

PICO Confirmations are prepared by a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Group with close collaboration and input from the Applicant. The PICO Confirmation is considered by the PICO Advisory Sub-Committee (PASC) of MSAC.

Assessment Reports

Assessment Reports for consideration by the MSAC Evaluation Sub-Committee (ESC) and MSAC can be developed by the Applicant, or contracted by the Department on behalf of the Applicant, and developed by a HTA Group.

Applicant-Developed Assessment Report (ADAR) - for applicants

Applicants can decide to prepare their own Assessment Report. The ADAR should align with the PICO Confirmation and the MSAC Guidelines, using the ADAR template.

ADAR Assessment Report Template (PDF 1757 KB)
ADAR Assessment Report Template (Word 933 KB)

Department-Contracted Assessment Report (DCAR) - for HTA Groups

If agreed with the applicant, the Department can contract a HTA Group to prepare an Assessment Report that is aligned with the PICO confirmation and the MSAC Guidelines, using the DCAR template.

DCAR Assessment Report Template (PDF 1965 KB)
DCAR Assessment Report Template (Word 1011 KB)

ADAR Commentary- for HTA Groups

The purpose of the commentary is to critically appraise the approach taken in the ADAR and identify strengths and weaknesses in the evidence or approach used. The Commentary is prepared by the HTA Group.

ADAR Commentary (PDF 369 KB)
ADAR Commentary (Word 115 KB)

Submitting Application forms, ADARs and DCARs

For guidance on lodgement dates for each document to their respective meeting, please see the meeting calendars on the MSAC Website.

Application Forms

The HTA Team processes applications after the MSAC application lodgement cut-off date. These can be found on the MSAC website, under the Dates for Applicants.

Please submit completed Application Forms to the HTA Team via email:


Please note, prior to lodgement of an ADAR, it is necessary for you to have submitted an Application Form and been found suitable to enter the MSAC process.

If preparing an ADAR, you must notify the MSAC Secretariat of your intent to lodge prior to the Lodgement Deadline via email at,

Please refer to the Dates for Notification and Lodgement Deadlines.

To submit your ADAR please refer the instructions provided below.

Please note that there is a 25MB size limit for email attachments, both to and from the Department. Compressing files using software such as 7-Zip unfortunately does not enable more documents to be sent, as the Department’s email gateway automatically ‘unzips’ the content. 

If the documents:

  • are under 25MB - please email it to
  • exceeds 25MB - you can attach to a maximum of five emails (e.g. if ADAR is approximately 125MB) and send to; or
  • exceeds 25MB - you can save onto a USB and send by Registered Mail or Courier to:

By post:

Att: OHTA HTA Support Unit (or OHTA Medical Services Technology Section)

Department of Health
MDP 960
GPO Box 9848

Or, if sending by courier:

Please email to request contact officer name for courier to call.

Att: OHTA HTA Support Unit (or OHTA Medical Services Technology Section)

Department of Health
Sirius Building
23 Furzer Street (corner of Furzer and Worgan Streets)
WODEN  ACT  2606

If you are lodging an integrated codependent submission to MSAC and PBAC, please lodge according to the timings and process available on the PBS website.


Please note, prior to commencement of a DCAR, it is necessary for you to have submitted an Application Form and been found suitable to enter the MSAC process.

As DCARs are prepared by HTA Groups, it is not necessary for you to lodge an Assessment Report. However, it is necessary to notify the Department that you would like a DCAR to be developed according to the Notification Deadlines found on the PASC, ESC, MSAC Keys Dates webpage. Please notify the MSAC Secretariat via email at

Consultation Survey Template

MSAC conducts targeted and public consultation on applications for public funding found suitable to progress through the MSAC process. To facilitate public consultation, a copy of the MSAC Application From is published on each MSAC Application webpage, along with a PICO Confirmation (when available). MSAC welcomes consultation feedback from organisations and individuals with an interest in an application (including from health professionals and consumers with lived experience of the medical conditions), technologies, or services addressed by the application. For information on the MSAC consultation process, including how to provide feedback and how feedback is used, please see the MSAC Consultation Process page. Deadlines for submission of consultation feedback for each PASC and MSAC meeting are available on the PASC, ESC and MSAC Calendar.

A consultation survey form is downloadable from the MSAC application webpage and, when completed, should be emailed to: The generic consultation survey template can also be downloaded below.

Consultation Survey (PDF 207 KB)
Consultation Survey (Word 70 KB)