MSAC Consultation Process

Page last updated: 26 May 2021

The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) appraises applications for public funding of medical services, health technologies and health programs.  As part of the appraisal process, MSAC invites input on the application from a range of stakeholders, through both targeted and public consultation.

Targeted consultation

Targeted consultation occurs once an application is found suitable to progress through the MSAC process. It involves health professional and consumer organisations identified by the Applicant and/or the Department of Health (the Department) as having a potential interest in the application. Once an application is found suitable to progress, the MSAC secretariat will send an email to the identified parties, inviting them to provide input.  A copy of the completed MSAC application form and a consultation survey form are attached to the invitation.

In order to ensure relevant consumer organisations are targeted the secretariat may seek advice from the consumer representatives on MSAC and its sub-committees.  From time to time targeted consultation may also occur with an individual who has specialist knowledge or expertise that can inform MSAC’s deliberations.

Public consultation

If an application is suitable for the MSAC process, the completed application form is published on the MSAC website, along with a consultation survey form.  Individuals or organisations with an interest in the application, including lived experience of the health conditions and/or treatment that the application is addressing, are able to provide input. This can be by submitting a completed consultation survey form, or via other means, such as an email or letter. 

From 1 July 2021, there are deadlines for consultation feedback on an application. MSAC and its sub-committees may not consider consultation feedback received after these deadlines. For further information see When does consultation occur? on the MSAC Consultation FAQ page.

Consultation feedback is shared with the Applicant and with MSAC and its sub-committees— the PICO Advisory Sub Committee (PASC) and the Evaluation Sub Committee (ESC).

You should not include information in your feedback that you do not want shared with these parties. For more information, see What happens to consultation feedback?

Figure 1 presents the MSAC consultation process diagrammatically.

The consultation process described on this page and presented diagrammatically at Figure 1 applies to applications on the standard MSAC pathway (i.e. applications that are considered by PASC, ESC and MSAC). In some instances, an application may bypass PASC and go directly to ESC. Targeted and public consultation is still conducted on these applications but does not commence until it is confirmed which ESC meeting will consider the application. The ESC Bulletin lists these applications and the corresponding pre-MSAC deadline for consultation feedback.

Occasionally, an application may bypass both PASC and ESC, progressing directly to MSAC. The MSAC Bulletin lists these applications but limited time is available for consultation. MSAC is exploring options for enhancing consultation on these applications.

Figure 1 - MSAC Consultation Process

Further information on the MSAC consultation process is available in the MSAC Consultation process FAQs.