MSAC Executive Terms of Reference

Page last updated: 08 July 2016


The MSAC Executive meets regularly via teleconference throughout the year to progress MSAC activity between formal MSAC meetings. Business may also be conducted out of session, usually via email.

Roles and function

In consultation with the MSAC Secretariat, to:
  1. Regularly consider evaluation progress reports and key performance indicators and provide advice so that MSAC business is efficiently progressed between MSAC meetings.
  2. Consider advice from the Department of Health on applications or referrals where a full or partial Health Technology Assessment (HTA) evaluation is not warranted against an agreed Process Framework. Executive advice is to be reported to the next full MSAC meeting.
  3. Consider the application form of expedited applications for confirmation of their expedited pathway.
  4. Endorse membership of MSAC sub-committees and ad-hoc working groups to facilitate MSAC activities.
  5. Nominate MSAC representation to external bodies as required.
  6. Consider the Application Progression Record where the outcome of segmentation, (conducted against the process framework) and/or the application’s pathway and/or the application’s predicted milestones are not agreed between the Applicant and the Department.


The MSAC Executive is appointed by the Department, and consists of the MSAC Chair, MSAC Deputy Chair, chair(s) of any MSAC sub-committee(s), and the Chief Medical Officer (or proxy).


The MSAC Executive has input to/approves Draft Minutes, Public Summary Documents and other MSAC advice. The Chair provides MSAC’s approval for the transmission of MSAC advice/reports to the Minister, which is then arranged by the Department.

The Chair and/or Executive may also be required to prepare and/or sign correspondence on behalf of the committee, usually responses to requests from stakeholders.

The Executive has input into the agendas for MSAC meetings.


The MSAC Chair reports to each MSAC meeting on activities conducted since the previous meeting and any Executive decisions taken.