1408 - A prognostic RT-qPCR test run locally for ER+ve /HER2-ve breast cancer that determines the risk of early and late metastasis in node negative and positive cancer under endocrine treatment.

Page last updated: 01 April 2020

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Description of Medical Service

An application was received for public funding through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for a type of genetic testing. The test, called EndoPredict, is claimed to help determine the risk of a patient getting breast cancer again after they have had surgery.

Description of Medical Condition

Patients with ER positive and HER2 negative breast cancer following surgery.

Currently, combining information from clinical assessments and pathology test results helps doctors calculate whether a patient has a low, intermediate or high risk of breast cancer returning after surgery. This helps the patient decide, with their treating clinicians, whether to have chemotherapy in addition to their hormone therapy. The applicant claims that this decision is most difficult for patients whose existing information shows they have an intermediate risk of the cancer returning and that the EndoPredict genetic test can then provide valuable extra information to help this group of patients.

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New MBS item

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13 August 2015


10-11 October 2019


28-29 November 2019