1157 - Cell enrichment liquid based cytology in routine screening for the prevention of cervical cancer

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Cells are collected from the cervix using a brush, broom or spatula in the same way as they are collected for the conventional pap smear, but the head of the brush or spatula is either rinsed into, or broken off into, a vial of preservative fluid to produce a cell suspension which is sent to a laboratory.

In the direct-to-vial collection method, instead of smearing the cells directly onto a glass slide, cells collected from the cervical scraping are transferred directly to the LBC preservative fluid.

Under LBC at a laboratory, the cell sample is treated to remove obscuring factors, such as blood, mucus and inflammation, so that a thin layer of cervical cells can be placed on a slide for microscopic examination.

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Women presenting for cervical cytology screening for the identification of abnormal cervical cells.

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12 – 13 April 2012
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15 October 2012
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