How to Apply for Public Funding

Page last updated: 10 January 2024

To apply for public funding Applicants are required to provide a completed application form which, among other things, confirms lobbyist status and requests the Applicant provide a letter of support from an associated professional body/organisation and consumer group.

Overview of the MSAC process

MSAC Process Overview

What is the MBS and Medicare?

What is the MBS and Medicare?

Who can apply?

Applications can be made by the medical profession, medical industry and others with an interest in seeking Australian government funding for a new medical service or change to an existing service.

When can you apply?

The meeting dates for MSAC and its subcommittees, as well as the associated dates, are available on PASC, ESC, MSAC Key Dates, however, an application for MBS listing can be submitted to the Department of Health at any time. When submitting an application form, the applicant is required to identify key journals or research published (or yet to be published) in relation to the proposed medical service, as well as provide a statement of clinical relevance for the proposed medical service from those professional body/organisation(s) representing the group(s) of health professionals who provide the service and a letter of support from a relevant consumer organisation.

Applicant requested withdrawals from the MSAC process

Applicants should note that where MSAC has completed its considerations of an application and the applicant seeks to withdraw that application:
  1. following consultation with the applicant, the outcomes, recommendations and/or advice of MSAC will either be withheld or published in whole or in part; and
  2. the advice of MSAC pertaining to the application may be provided to Government.


It is accepted that documents submitted throughout the MSAC process may contain information the applicant believes is confidential.
However these claims will be agreed by the department on a case by case basis, in line with current government policies (these include, but are not limited to, statistical data and positions of trust classifications).

In any claim for confidentiality, the applicant will be asked to state the basis on which the claim for confidentiality is being made.

Additional information can be found on the Confidentiality and Commercial-in-Confidence factsheet.