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Page last updated: 26 May 2021

Integrated codependent submissions for tumour-agnostic or pan-tumour cancer medicines

The MSAC Executive has commissioned and endorsed the following two complementary documents to provide context and background into the emerging area of testing biomarkers to help determine eligibility for cancer medicines to be used in metastatic cancer across solid tumour types. Although primarily directed at one such example, these documents are also intended to help applicants and assessment groups consider those aspects which might also be relevant to other examples in this emerging area.

Discussion paper on pan-tumour biomarker testing to determine eligibility for targeted treatment
Discussion paper (PDF 1524 KB)
Discussion paper (Word 304 KB)

A review of the current testing methodologies for the detection of mismatch repair deficiency in tumours
Review paper (PDF 902 KB)
Review paper (Word 85 KB)