1174 - Pathology test to determine if a patient has been infected with CCR5 tropic HIV-1 for access to maraviroc

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A proposal was received seeking genotypic HIV tropism testing to be funded through two avenues: (1) through the creation of a new MBS item number to allow HIV tropism testing as part of the current genotype-assisted antiretroviral resistance testing suite of tests; and (2) through the creation of a new MBS item number for HIV tropism testing alone.

HIV tropism testing is a co-dependent technology to determine eligibility for access to maraviroc.

Description of Medical Condition

HIV is a viral infection that causes immunosuppression. If untreated this leads to a number of different opportunistic infections and diseases that are called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS diseases are often life-threatening and prior to the introduction of effective antiretroviral therapies, patients with AIDS had a prognosis of around two years. The treatment of HIV-1 is complex, with the choice to treat and choice of treatment highly individualised. Treatment decisions depend on virologic efficacy, drug-drug interaction potential, resistance testing results, and co-morbid conditions.

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