1182 - The use of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

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Radiation therapy is a highly technical and complex procedure requiring accuracy of delivering the radiation beam to the target tumour of the patient. Each patient has an individual program which uses the information from planning tests to pinpoint the target tumour, and calculate a schedule that best targets the cancer while avoiding the normal body as much as possible. When IMRT is used, the planning calculations optimise each tiny part of the radiation beam(s) to produce a dose distribution that can be shaped very closely to the target tumour and reduce the dose to surrounding normal tissues. This enables tumoricidal doses to be given while keeping normal tissue doses as low as possible.

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Cancer is a range of diseases where abnormal cells grow rapidly and spread uncontrolled throughout the body. These cancerous cells can invade and destroy surrounding tissue and spread (metastasise) to distant parts of the body.

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13 - 14 December 2012
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