1243 - The removal of imbedded corneal foreign bodies to any person presenting to an optometrist.

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An imbedded corneal foreign body is normally removed using a hypodermic needle, foreign body gouge, fine forceps or similar surgical instrument under magnification provided by a slit lamp biomicroscope. The technique used depends upon the location, depth and degree of ‘imbeddedness’, as well as the foreign body material. The aim is to remove the foreign body with minimal ocular tissue disruption, which hastens recovery and minimises corneal scar tissue formation.

Description of Medical Condition

An ‘ocular foreign body’ is an object that has entered and is present in the eye. This includes objects that are synthetic or natural in origin (wood, glass, metal, etc.). These objects can be introduced into the eye via some type of trauma such as accident, natural force (wind blowing something in the eye) or other method of delivery.

Superficial particles that enter the eye can often be removed with an irrigating solution. An object which cannot be dislodged by flushing is considered imbedded. For the purposes of this submission and the proposed item, an imbedded corneal foreign body is one that is lodged in the sub-epithelial or intra-epithelial corneal layers.

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