1353 - Measurement of Calprotectin as a marker of bowel inflammation

Page last updated: 19 June 2018

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Faecal calprotectin is a marker for intestinal inflammation. Calprotectin concentration in faeces correlates with the severity of inflammation and is significantly increased in patients with bowel inflammation (IBD), but not elevated in patients with functional disorders like functional bowel disease (IBS). As a screening tool, faecal calprotectin tests reduce the need for invasive diagnostic procedures (such as colonoscopy), potentially leading to earlier diagnosis of IBD and IBS and subsequently improving patient management.

Description of Medical Condition

Patients present to a doctor with gastrointestinal symptoms suggestive of either organic (IBD) or functional (IBS) bowel disease, namely: chronic abdominal pain and discomfort; urgency and bloating; diarrhea; constipation; alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation; and changes in bowel habits in the absence of alarm symptoms such as rectal bleeding or abnormal blood tests.

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