1400 - Clinical Neuropsychology Assessment Services

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Description of Medical Service

Clinical neuropsychology services include the administration and interpretation of the most scientifically validated, psychometrically sound, standardised tests of cognitive, motor, sensory and emotional functioning. Performances on these tests enable the clinician to not only identify areas of dysfunction but, because of the clinicians knowledge of cerebral localisation of function, specify what areas of the brain are affected and what the likely neuropathological syndrome is associated with it. So the neuropsychological examination sits among the other neuro-clinical assessments (EEG, CT, MRI, SPECT) in improving diagnostic accuracy.

In addition, clinical neuropsychology assessments enable a characterisation of the individual’s strengths as well as weaknesses therefore providing a sound basis for recommending rehabilitative, remedial or management strategies. The cognitive profile so produced can also be a baseline for future comparisons to monitor changes, treatment efficacy and/or cognitive decline.

Cognitive assessments of this nature have advantages over other neuro-clinical procedures. While magnetic resonance imaging scans, for instance, capture the structure of the brain, and positron emission tomography scan areas of changed metabolism, both are unable to predict cognitive abilities.

Description of Medical Condition

Clinical neuropsychology services provide a ‘picture’ of the person’s brain but also its function in action.
Clinical Neuropsychology services are established services to a range of medical conditions but the majority of such patients referred are for the following disorders:
  1. Neurodegenerative (e.g., Alzheimer’s Disease, other dementias, multiple sclerosis);
  2. Acquired brain injury (ABI) (e.g., stroke, encephalitis, meningitis);
  3. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) (e.g., from motor vehicle accidents, sporting injuries, falls, assault, birth trauma).
Clinical neuropsychology services provide valuable specialist assessment, diagnosis, prognosis and the basis for sound management of nearly all disorders and medical conditions affecting the brain

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