1405.1 - MBS Item for Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Re-submission)

Page last updated: 04 April 2019

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Description of Medical Service

New respiratory GPMP item created to:
• enable GPs to refer directly to a pulmonary rehabilitation program, without the need to additionally complete a TCA
• still allow the GP to use the usual GPMP (item 721) for management of other co-morbidities that can be common in this patient group

PLUS create two new Allied Health MBS items:
• One-on-one (45min) consultation item (suggested price $65) to enable two (2) one-on-one assessments:
o Initial pre-assessment - The assessment will include (but not be limited to): taking a medical history; testing of functional exercise capacity (six-minute walk test); assessments of health status (Quality of Life questionnaires) and a psychosocial assessment questionnaires; planning exercise program.
o Final post-assessment – Re-testing functional exercise capacity; assessments of health status (Quality of Life questionnaires) and psychosocial assessment to measure patient outcomes

• Group 1 hr Exercise item (suggested price $25) to enable 16 x 1hr sessions, and permit smaller group sizes due to complexity of patients (maximum 8 participants). Sessions should be offered 2x per week.

PLUS Longer term pulmonary maintenance exercise:

• New Respiratory GPMP review item (similar to 732)
• Group exercise maintenance item (1hr) at a reduced cost ($10), to enable attendance at one session per week, for a total of 16 sessions for those patients with: severe disease; frequent exacerbations; low-socioeconomic status; and/or multi-morbidity. This is important in order to extend benefits of the pulmonary rehabilitation program into the second year. All 16 sessions to be completed within six months of referral.


Patients would be eligible for Pulmonary Rehabilitation (2 x one-on-one assessments, plus 16 x 1hr exercise sessions over 8 weeks), every 2 years or following hospitalisation for an acute exacerbation, or if a major change occurs in clinical condition.

Pulmonary Maintenance exercise (16 x 1hr sessions; once per week) – annually for those with severe disease, frequent exacerbations, low-socioeconomic status and/or multi-morbidity.

Description of Medical Condition

The diseases relevant to this service are the chronic lung diseases, including: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (which is an umbrella term for a group of diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis and chronic asthma that is not fully reversible); bronchiectasis; interstitial lung diseases; and lung cancer.

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New MBS item

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As per application 1405

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5 October 2018


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