1608 - Amnion membrane (human tissue) for topical treatment of ophthalmic disorders (caused by disease and/or trauma), and wound dressings for skin burns and ulcers on the craniofacial area, torso, and limbs

Page last updated: 09 June 2021

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Description of Medical Service

Amnion membrane is a tissue of human origin and the inner lining of the foetal membranes. It is semi- transparent; does not contain blood vessels and is 20-50 microns thick. It is comprised of five layers: the epithelium: a basement membrane; and compact, fibroblast and intermediate layers.
Separated from the chorion and cryopreserved, the amnion membrane can be used for the topical treatment of ophthalmic disorders, disease and trauma and as a dressing for wounds.

Description of Medical Condition

Treatment of the ocular surface when the integrity has been disrupted due to surgery, disease or chemicals and treatment of acute and chronic wounds on the surface of the body including burns, graft sites and ulcers.

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To inform the Prostheses List Advisory Committee

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