1714 – National Blood Authority listing for ObizurŪ (susoctocog alfa) for treatment of bleeding episodes with acquired Haemophilia A

Page last updated: 25 July 2023

Application Detail

Description of Medical Service

Susoctocog alfa is a treatment used to replace the missing protein needed for blood clotting (Factor VIII), which is less susceptible to being inhibited by autoantibodies than the patient’s own protein. This allows clotting to occur and assists to stop the bleeding. It also allows for the patient’s protein levels to be measured, to assist with guiding dosing and optimising treatment efficacy and safety.

Description of Medical Condition

Acquired Haemophilia A is a condition where patients present with spontaneous bleeding despite no history of a bleeding disorder. Patients have the required protein needed for blood clotting, but autoantibodies develop to inhibit this normal function.

Reason for Application

Referral from National Blood Authority

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Not Applicable

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Expedited – Bypassing PASC

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MSAC consultation input closed Friday, 10 February 2023.

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9-10 February 2023


30-31 March 2023