Suzie Edward May – Biography

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Suzie Edward May has been a consumer advocate in musculoskeletal disease since 2002; and a tertiary lecturer in Western Australian universities in medical and allied health since 2006. She is the former inaugural Deputy Chair of the East Metropolitan Health Service Board in Western Australia. She currently sits on the Ethics Committee of the Australian Orthopaedic Association Board; and is an expert panellist developing the Australian Living Guidelines for the Pharmacological Management of Inflammatory Arthritis through Monash University.

Suzie is a qualified lawyer who works in strategic law reform with the Western Australian Department of Justice. She has recently worked with the University of Western Australia Law School, undertaking research into areas of justice that intersect with health such as foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and the ways in which police, courts and prisons can improve how they respond to the complex health issues of people involved in the justice system.