1158 - Robotic image-guided stereotactic precise beam radiosurgery and radiotherapy

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Robotic image-guided stereotactic precise beam radiotherapy is a form of image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), which aims to better target and provide accurate delivery of external beam radiotherapy (EBRT)* to a tumour site – thereby reducing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. It utilises information collected from x-rays, computerised tomography, ultrasound or similar imaging technologies as part of the planning and delivery of a course of EBRT.

* EBRT is a cancer treatment that delivers high-energy radiation to tumor sites with the primary goal is stopping the division of tumor cells.

Description of Medical Condition

Prostate Cancer
Patients who are newly diagnosed and who have had a biopsy to diagnose prostate cancer, and are in the ‘high risk’ stratifications suitable for radiation therapy as an adjuvant therapy with androgen deprivation therapy.

Lung Cancer
Patients with peripherally-located or centrally-located non-metastasised non-small cell lung cancer that is either T1 or T2 and N0, M0, up to 5cm maximum diameter (Stage 1 NSCLC), and who are not suitable or refuse surgery.

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New MBS item

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1 – 2 December 2011
Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (prostate) (PDF 4456 KB)
Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (prostate) (Word 862 KB)

Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (lung) (PDF 5556 KB)
Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (lung) (Word 1059 KB)

Assessment Report

Submission based assessment – Received on 14 June 2012
Submission withheld at the request of the Applicant.

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Public Summary Document (PDF 1162 KB)
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14 - 15 September 2011


11 - 12 October 2012


29 - 30 December 2012