1269 - Computed Tomography Colonography

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Computed Tomography Colonography (CTC) involves the use of a computed tomography (CT) scanner to image the patients colon. This is a preferable alternative to a barium enema and an alternative to colonoscopy when the latter is considered potentially dangerous for the patient or if a colonoscopy has been unable to examine the whole of the colon. Although there are variations in the technique used, CTC nearly always involves laxative preparation of the bowel beforehand, followed by distension of the colon with air or gas while the patient is on the CT scanner. The scan is then performed without sedation (usually taking only a few minutes or less), and the images obtained are subsequently examined by the radiologist using special computer software to enable a diagnosis. CTC is currently subject to a Medicare rebate in Australia, but for only limited indications. The applicants are seeking to expand the indications to reflect current ‘best practice’.

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CTC is used for diagnosis or exclusion of suspected colorectal polyps and cancer.

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13 - 14 December 2012
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16 to 17 August 2012
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