1273 - Matrix-induced Autologous Chondrocyte Implant

Page last updated: 12 October 2016

Application withdrawn 16 October 2013 at the request of the applicant.

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Description of Medical Service

Repair of chondral defects greater than 2 cm in size by harvest of chondral material, culture and placement of chondrocytes into chondral defect. This is 2 stage arthroscopic procedure.

Description of Medical Condition

Chondral defects of the knee and ankle caused by trauma or osteochondritis dessicans

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Not Applicable

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16-17 August 2012
Final Decision Analytical Protocol (DAP) (PDF 958 KB)
Final Decision Analytical Protocol (DAP) (Word 711 KB)

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12 - 13 April 2012




1 August 2013