1680 – Genetic testing for childhood hearing impairment

Page last updated: 02 March 2023

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Description of Medical Service

Singleton next generation sequencing of coding regions in clinically affected individuals, including copy number variant analysis of relevant genes. Only genes known to cause hearing impairment are proposed to be analysed. The suggested diagnostic test proposed in the application is agnostic of technology, and hence it is not prescriptive to the methodologies/equipment and reagents involved. The proposed test has been referred to as whole exome analysis (WEA) by the application, as investigation is proposed to be limited to the coding regions of the genome.

Description of Medical Condition

Childhood hearing impairment is the most common condition of all those included in newborn screening. It has a genetic bases in more than 50% of cases. The genetic causes are highly variable with >100 genes currently implicated in childhood onset hearing impairment. Congenital or childhood onset deafness, although most frequently isolated, can be the first sign of more complex medical problems and syndromes making molecular diagnosis of these conditions well suited to next generation sequencing. Early understanding of the aetiology of a child’s hearing impairment is claimed to guide intervention and service use, streamlining care and maximising a child’s communication and developmental potential.

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New MBS item

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Investigative technology

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